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The journal Philological Studies and Research. Romance Languages Series hosts original works in literature and linguistics written in French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.
Our journal only publishes texts that have not already been published in other journals, collective volumes, conference papers etc. By proposing a text, an author certifies the originality and authorship of the text and agrees not to send it to another publication before getting a reply from the editorial board and / or the reviewers of our journal.
The process of selecting the texts is “blind peer-review” and is performed by members of the scientific committee and reviewers. The authors that want to publish an article in the journal Philological Studies and Researches. The Romance Languages Series will send an electronic copy of the article to the editorial board of the journal which, in turn, will send the text to two reviewers and/or members of the scientific committee, without revealing the author’s name and coordinates. The reviewers will evaluate the text and will propose, if necessary, corrections to be done by the author, so that the text could correspond to the scientific standard of the journal.


As a general rule, the average number of weeks between submission and the evaluation response is 3 to 4 weeks, while the publication can take up to 2 months.

When evaluating texts, the reviewers are considering the following parameters:

1. the originality of the written text and of the overall endeavour;
2. its adequacy to the theme of the journal;
3. the relation between the text and the current stage of the scientific research in the field;
4. scientific rigour and research ethics;
5. the quality/level of the language employed in the article.

Each parameter is scored from 0 to 10, so that the maximum number of points a text could get is 50. For a text to be accepted for publication in the journal Philological Studies and Research. Romance Languages Series, it must obtain at least 40 points, the average of the two assessments.
If there is a difference of more than 10 points between the two assessments of the article, the chairman of the scientific committee will solve the problem, evaluating the text himself/herself.
The reviews are sent to the editorial board which, in turn, will send the authors two types of documents: the original text, including all suggestions made by the reviewers, and the two “assessment sheets”, without the reviewers’ names. These documents will contain the parameters listed above and the reviewers’ comments.
After receiving a response from the editors of the journal, the author whose text has been selected must resend it in a form reviewed in accordance with the indications and the layout required in a period that will not exceed 10 days.


Our journal does not charge authors for processing or submitting articles; a publication fee of 40 euros is required if the paper is accepted.  If the authors want to receive a paper copy an extra 10 euro is added to the publication fee.